Men t-shirt Tiger Surfer

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The "Tiger Surfer" t-shirt is a true reflection of Dear Tee's philosophy, combining two of our star elements season after season: feline animals and sport, resulting in a print that conveys good vibes and energy just by looking at it. The background color of the T-shirt is white and above it is placed the vertical staining that occupies much of the shirt. The print emulates a light gray background picture, with a figure formed by a human body surfing with a tiger's head. It emphasizes of the print the different gray shades that compose it. The game of shadows and the mixing of shades of the same color is one of the things that make the Tiger surfer so special. In addition, this allows the tiger head in orange color to draw even more attention. A T-shirt like this is perfect for original, daring people who carry the slogan "Fun for Living" by flag. "Being a T-shirt in which colors predominate and light off, combines perfectly with dark jeans with what can contrast T-shirt "Tiger Surfer" is made of 100% cotton of the highest quality that allows a smooth result to the touch.In addition, Deartee follows the movement Slow Fashion in the production of all its garments, which supposes an ethical fashion consumption.
  • T-shirt type: Regular
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Composicion 2: Normal

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