Women t-shirt What A Wonderful


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The "What a Wonderful" t-shirt is designed for spring, for those who want to feel like a princess and enjoy the wonder of nature. Inspired mainly in the flowers and plants that bloom at this time of year, stands on a soft blue background a frame of flowers, which neither Disney can compare. A tangled plant crowns the main print adorning the main message of the t-shirt. In the center of the flowers you will find what we always want to show, that we live in a wonderful world and that you have to enjoy at all times of him and of yourself. Each letter is decorated with a different color to create an effect of greater fantasy. The typography reminds a lot of "Alice in Wonderland" and maybe that's why we want you to feel that way too. For a total look lady this shirt is the best option, as all its colors are pale and soft and bring a lot of femininity, enhancing the figure of women above anything. For an appointment you will not be better dressed than with "What A Wonderful" and a nice skirt that highlights your curves. Also, with the message that the boy will be hallucinating. The garment has an extra point and is the softness of the cotton with which it is made; Always respecting the environment and thinking about the slow fashion movement that characterizes us.
  • Type: Tee Oversize
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Composicion 2: Normal

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