Women sweatshirt Bear


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Light gray vigoré sweatshirt with print style illustration and red flock detail on bear's nose. This garment has the round neck, cuffs and bottom made of the reverse and logo embroidered in contrast in a light blue sky. Give him the urban touch with some skinny jeans. "BearS" is made of high quality materials and is full of small details that make this sweatshirt a unique item, such as the interior cover or the Dear Tee logo sewn on the bottom of the garment. It is also part of the slow fashion philosophy that promotes the manufacture of ethical garments, respecting the environment and responsible fashion consumption. In autumn, while preparing for hibernation, a brown bear can eat up to 40 kilograms of food a day. Despite their weight the bears are fast animals, they can reach up to 50 kilometers per hour. Did you know that bears are omnivores? They occupy the top of the food chain, although much of their diet consists of nuts, berries, fruit, leaves and roots, also feed on other animals such as rodents and elk. Size XS: 58 cm Length x 47 cm waist x 60 cm of chest Size S: 60 cm Length x 49 cm waist x 62 cm chest Size M: 62 cm Length x 51 cm waist x 64 cm chest Size L: 64 cm Length x 53 Cm waist x 66 cm chest Size XL: 66 cm Length x 55 cm waist x 68 cm chest
  • Type Fit Sweaters: Top Sweatshirt Oversize
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

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