Women sweatshirt Good Vibes D

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The sweatshirt "Good Vibes D" is a different bet and very daring for all those who do not mind wearing a look of anything but typical. The sweater has an oversize composition and is endowed with frayed finishes at the end, making it very comfortable and fun. We wanted to put together three colors that at first do not seem to combine, but the way the hemso arranged in "Good Vibes D" the result is a garment that draws attention and that has to be in your closet. The print of the sweatshirt consists of a small text in gold letters at the chest. Golden highlights the message on the degraded background and focuses attention. In addition, the letters are made in foil, so it is much more striking when reading the message. If you want to stomp, you do not have to miss this sweatshirt. With a good jeans or a loose pants, the sweatshirt will be very comfortable. As we know you like the daring looks and the combination of colors, we advise that the color of the pants is of a different tonality to those of the sweatshirt, so there will be no doubt about your personality. The garment follows the slow fashion movement of the company and is manufactured in the best of the cottons, so that the texture and composition will be very pleasant to the touch.
  • Type Fit Sweaters: Top Sweatshirt Oversize
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Composicion 2: Normal

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