Women sweatshirt Love Embroidery

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The sweatshirt "Love Embroidery" has that touch of the summer season with the sailor print that accompanies its entire composition. We really like this garment for the details it presents and because its elaboration makes it much more original and fun. It is elaborated in an oversize way so that you enjoy a very favorable amplitude of movements, having the option of being able to bend your sleeves to add your own style. The edges of the sweatshirt's edges change meaning that it creates a mobility effect. The sailor print is a trend that will always carry and is something that never fails in all types of looks. What strikes us most is the main text that is formed by strings, alluding to the style sailor. This sweatshirt is perfect for a slightly more lady look and sweeter as the colors are neutral and very soft. This sweatshirt is perfect if you want to go comfortable but taking care of your look and your style; Since the print contributes the poor care of the sweatshirt, and on the other hand the composition contributes the comfort and the roll sport so that you can go from here to there without worrying much of your outfit. Ideally complete the look with a good converse and you would be ready. The sweatshirt is made in all our warehouses and is made with the best cotton, following the slow fashion philosophy of our company as well as respecting and caring for the environment.
  • Type Fit Sweaters: Top Sweatshirt Oversize
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Composicion 2: Normal

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