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The "Muse" sweatshirt is our star product, never better said. It is a sweatshirt for all those dreamers who are always pursuing their dreams. It has a basic background color, such as black, but we find the design and the originality in the details. As we are always thinking of our customers, we have created the oversize sweatshirt, so that you can move more easily and have more comfort. It is not very long, so it will highlight the area of ​​your hips. As we have said, originality is in the details. The main text that gives name to the T-shirt occupies all the main print and is the elaboardo in a bronze color. The typography seems to be made in strokes and with a letter large enough to draw even more attention. On the other hand, in the sleeves you can see several small stars in the same color as the text. The colors of the sweatshirt are designed to attract attention but are perfectly combinable with all types of looks. If you are one of those who usually attend concerts and events of this type, we recommend that you wear your "Muse" sweatshirt because you will lull the attention and no one will doubt the strength of your personality. All our garments are made by choosing the best elements, such as the cotton of the best quality and follows the slow fashion philosophy of our company of care and respect for the environment. Size XS: 61 cm long x 51 cm waist x 52 cm chest size S: 63 cm long x 53 cm waist x 54 cm chest size M: 65 cm long x 55 cm waist x 56 cm Chest Size L: 67 cm long x 57 cm waist x 58 cm chest Size XL: 69 cm long x 59 cm waist x 60 cm chest
  • Type Fit Sweaters: Top Sweatshirt Oversize
  • Tipo de Estampado: Mixta
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Composicion 2: Normal

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