Towel Good Times


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Sea, waves and the sun; these are the key elements to being in paradise, or almost. And as you can not miss the beautiful palm trees waving in the sea breeze. Dear Tee in we wanted to recreate your private oasis with the design of this towel. Drawing on the palms we find a pretty striking typography and always betting on transmitting good vibes and positive messages, like all items of our firm. With a beige it is perfect for those days when the sun gets stronger, in addition to combining with a lot of looks. Whether you go to the beach like going to the pool, the towel "Good times" forward looking forward to have fun and get brown under the sun. You composed of soft elements that reinforce the personality of the accessory, you'll feel on an island away from all the noise and concerned only yourself and have fun.  
  • Towel type: Beach towel
  • Gender: Woman
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 50% Cotton + 50% Polyester
  • Composicion 2: Special

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