Towel I Do What I Want


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The "I Do What I Want" towel is our key item this summer season. We always try to strengthen the positive messages and strength of the figure of the woman. With this towel sure you will make clear to more than one and one what you are worth, whether on the beach or in the pool. Of course, you can not miss the pink background, symbol of female power, and with small details degraded in another color. The main message is the large letters that occupy the entire towel. The letters are made with a typography that could well resemble a great graffiti. In this way we also want to represent the urban side of each. The small star in a stronger pink puts the finishing touch to this towel that will be your best friend during this season. In addition, the texture is very soft due to the composition with which it is created; The best of the cottons and the composition that will make it very durable. Measures: 98 cm wide x 150 cm high
  • Towel type: Beach towel
  • Gender: Woman

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