Towel Nice


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You always have to be perfect, and as we know that your looks all the care and feminine touch you bring them deserve, we have specially designed this towel for all those moments. The great typography that occupies the entire towel is perfect to realize that you are always perfect as the last. "Nice" evokes all the figures of women with a fantastic floral print. To complement this originality consists of fringed ends. The colors are especially sweet and feminine; abundant pink and floral motifs which is also perfect for spring. With this towel you can get down to the pool like a queen and you can generate other infartoa looks stomping going beyond where you go. "Nice" is the towel you need for this summer.
  • Towel type: Beach towel
  • Gender: Woman
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 50% Cotton + 50% Polyester
  • Composicion 2: Special

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