Towel Tropical


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This beautiful and soft towel presents one of the most tropical prints of Deartee. With colors that will transport you to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean this towel is a must for your summer. Its round shape, trend this season, his textual print combined with the image of a brightly colored parrot with stunning will make you not want to take off "Tropical" this holiday season . You know why parrots are able to imitate talking? Parrots live in flocks where each has its own song, singing birds mimic to draw attention to an individual within the group and communicate with him. Parrots are domesticated mimic human sounds as a way to communicate and socialize. They can also imitate the sounds of other animals, such as dogs, cats and even chickens. Dimensions: 150 cm high x 150 cm wide  
  • Towel type: Beach towel
  • Gender: Woman
  • Tipo de Estampado: Posicional
  • Fabric: 50% Cotton + 50% Polyester
  • Composicion 2: Special

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