Towel Boho


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The towel "Boho" is the perfect for all those traveling and adventurous souls who can not stop for a second. If you go to a festival, it can not be a better option since its main drawing, which occupies the entire towel, represents people in an idyllic place with palm trees. The festival camping is the best place to enjoy and have fun, and if you go with your towel to sit, much better. On the other hand the message that accompanies it is elaborated with an almost childlike typography and with much movement. The only contoured letters allow the rest of the drawing to be much better and its blue color draws attention to the sepia background. The softness with which the towel "Boho" is made will surprise you, providing comfort and greater life to the garment. Measure: 98 cm wide x 150 cm high
  • Towel type: Beach towel
  • Gender: Woman

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